Champagne Henriet-Bazin - interview with Marie-Noëlle in the vines

An exclusive first video in a series of six covering the 2011 Champagne harvest for the Champagne House Henriet-Bazin.

All videos are taken from some of the Chardonnay vines of Henriet-Bazin, in the Premier Cru village of Villers-Marmery, situated on La Montagne de Reims.

Villers-Marmery is distinctive in that it is but one of four villages on La Montagne de Reims which grows nearly entirely Chardonnay grapes, instead of the "typical" Pinot Noir grape variant which is otherwise more commonly-grown in this part of Champagne.

In this video, Edmund from My Man In Champagne, learns from producer Marie-Noëlle what the harvest this year can expect to yield from grapes to bottle.

Highlights include: great balance of acidity and sugar levels, in addition to a very good maturity for the grapes, and 2011 may very well be a vintage year for this Champagne House!