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Take a drive up one of the many small valleys that run at right angles to the main Marne River valley and you may stumble across the village of Cuisles. If you do, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re stepping back in time about 50 years and that there’s not much going on there, but you’d be wrong on both counts.


Mousse-winery225There aren’t many people about, it’s true, but on the edge of the village, just beyond the older houses lining the main street, you’ll come across one of the most modern wineries in Champagne, certainly amongst the smaller producers. It belongs to Champagne Moussé Fils and it’s easy to spot by the veritable battery of solar panels on the roof. So much for Cuisles being stuck in a time warp.

Those photovoltaic panels generate so much energy that not only is the building entirely self-sufficient, it actually produces plenty of energy to sell back to the national grid.

As for the impression that there’s not much going on in Cuisles, well you’ve only go to meet Jean- Marc Moussé and his son Cédric to dispel that fallacy too.

Cedric-in-front-of-press225The family has been making champagne for 4 generations, but when you meet Jean-Marc and Cédric you can’t help but be struck by their energy. You also get the sense that they know exactly where they are going and that their champagnes are going to be very much on lots of peoples’ radar in the very near future.

Their plan, put simply, is to make great champagne from the often overlooked Pinot Meunier grape in a part of Champagne that is far from the regular tourist tracks. They seem to be succeeding.SpecialClub225

Not long ago they were admitted to the prestigious Club Trésors de Champagne. This is a select group of producers – less than 30 at present - to which you must be invited by the existing members; an invitation which is only ever forthcoming after a rigorous tasting of the champagne.

What’s more, Moussé Fils was the first champagne producer to be admitted on the basis of a 100% Meunier champagne and it’s on the humble and often overlooked Pinot Meunier that Moussé Fils is building its reputation.

The family’s love of Meunier is almost palpable. They’ve even come up with the catchy and very apt slogan ‘Deeply Meunier’ to express a commitment that goes as deep as the vine roots you can see in this photo.

Deeply-meunieur225The same goes for their green credentials. Whereas many people ‘talk the talk’, at Moussé Fils they actually ‘walk the walk’ with a commitment that is bordering on the obsessive. If you need to look beyond the new winery building, you’ll find proof in many and various forms.

In the video below, filmed during the harvest in October 2013, you can take a look inside the winery and hear Jean-Marc and Cédric explain their philosophy

Here’s a link to their web site if you want to learn more

and do come back to My Man In Champagne soon because I’m sure I’ll be posting more about Champagne Moussé Fils before long.